Click here to see some of the Comenius teachers in TorrellanoSome of the Comenius teachers in Torrellano


Dear Students

The aim of this blog is for you to share anything you find important and interesting… Every two weeks a school and its students will be responsible for posting messages on the blog and all the other students from the partner schools will read and answer according to their interests.. The first school to start will be BENAVENTE by the end of September… Write us back !

The Portuguese Comenius team from Escola Secundária de Benavente, Portugal


5 Responses to “”

  1. Carlos Ferreira Says:

    First topic for possible discussion: What bring us all together?
    The students that have participated in the Comenius meetings should have an answer for this

  2. youngeuropeanbloggers Says:

    yes, Carlos I think that’s a good idea !

  3. Carlos Ferreira Says:

    Most of them are!

  4. Esmel Méliane Says:

    Hello I’m Méliane.I will go to in roumania for europan project

  5. Esmel Méliane Says:

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