The best in the Comenius meetings in Torrellano and Bearsden Academy

Dear Comenius students ( who took part in the 2 meetings )

Post something about your impressions during your stay with your host family in Alicante or Bearsden or about your experience with the other Comenius students and show some of your best photos …. What did you like best ? Was there anything that surprised you ? Anything that you found less pleasant or different ?


4 Responses to “The best in the Comenius meetings in Torrellano and Bearsden Academy”

  1. joanaperalta Says:

    Hi there. I’m from Portugal and I had been in Scotland as a Comenius student. It was a great experience. What I liked most was to get to know the country and to socialize with foreign people. The scotish people are very similar to the portuguese people, the habits are not very different than ours.
    The only thing that bothered me most was the fact that they, my host family, wakes up very soon, to much soon, than I was used to in here.

    p.s: Here’s a pic: me, Lois and Finn from Scotland.

    Hugs from Portugal*


  2. joanaperalta Says:

    Sorry the pic doesn’t work :\

  3. Rita Says:

    Hi! The last year I went to Spain-Torrellano and that was a great experience.
    I’ve meet many people of many cultures and places and they were very nice. I was in a shelter family that was verg good for me.I liked very much this travel.

  4. Matthieu Says:

    Hello! I am Matthieu and I live in Coulommiers (France). I took part to the Torrellano-Alicante meeting. I think that it is important that young Europeans meet eachother to share a common image of Europe. I am impatient to be in May 2007 in order that finally France acceuille the meeting of the project Comenius. I send a hello to all euroeans and particularly to Joao and his family who receipt me during my stay in Torrellano-Alicante.

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