Carnival in Samora Correia, Benavente

Carnival in SamoraCarnival In Samora        Dear Bloggers

The Portuguese Comenius team would like you to share your Carnival experiences in your country/hometown . Please post a photo/photos and describe Carnival traditions in your hometown/country! Nice Carnival holidays !

Carlos and Isabel from ESB !


3 Responses to “Carnival in Samora Correia, Benavente”

  1. Joana Guiomar Says:

    I don’t really like Carnival, but this year, my friends convice me to mask. Just for fun I allowed them to paint my face and I had fun. We went out on monday night and on tuesday we went to see the carnival parade in Samora Correia, we really had a good time 😀

    The mask that I like most was the one that two persons masked: Homer Simpson and his wife Marge!

    There is a photo of me in Carnival:

  2. Teresa Melo Says:


    i don’t like carnival. but one day i would like to see the carnival of veneza. i think it is wonderful and magic!

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