Starting again !

Hi everyone !

As we had agreed the design of the blog was changed. I hope you all think it looks better. Please leave a comment about it and start posting messages ! Have you started school ? How were your holidays ? Did you take nice photos ?

And what about a photo from the meeting in Coulommiers ? What are you waiting for ????

Whoever is interested in being author please send me ( your email and I’ll do it.

Teacher Isabel Neves, ESB , Portugal


2 Responses to “Starting again !”

  1. Carlos Ferreira Says:

    Yes, it’s a new school year beginning… New year, new life, new beginnings… Why not a new look?
    Let’s hope that a new school year will bring loads of participation in this blog…
    May you all have an excellent school year!

  2. Ana Múrias Says:

    Undoubtedly, it looks much better!
    Isabel is a “net-warrior”!
    Let’s hope the will to participate has also increased among our students.
    I will give my best to suport them on this task. It’s a promise!
    Good job!

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