Trip to Poland – dec. 2008

Splashcast on trip to Poland


Our group: Cátia, João, Joana, Melissa, Joana, Teresa, Mariana

Hello (:

We are a portuguese group involved in the comenius project. Recently we have been working on our play to present in Germany. Our play is related to 25 Aprilof 1974 in Portugal – The Carnation Revolution. We have already written the main story, and in  a few weeks we’re going to start to do our digital supports. The major difficulty is the construction of a story that needs to be understood by foreigners, but we think that all the groups go through that situation;  it’s something natural.


12º F.

Portuguese Comenius team 12ºf

Our class 12º F has made a short film called “Seven stories between two s…s ” which refers to all the dates including 1945. hope you like it !

Ideas for the blog


We would like you to write your ideas about the blog.

Write about your impressions about the school in Coulommiers and your stay in Coulommiers.

The Comenius team in Coulommiers.

Carnival in Samora Correia, Benavente

Carnival in SamoraCarnival In Samora        Dear Bloggers

The Portuguese Comenius team would like you to share your Carnival experiences in your country/hometown . Please post a photo/photos and describe Carnival traditions in your hometown/country! Nice Carnival holidays !

Carlos and Isabel from ESB !

Young European Bloggers